D2P Voicemail Messages from Rev Dental Marketing

D2P Voicemail Messages

Would you like to reactivate "lost" patients to bring in more revenue with a cost effective strategy?

Or how about a most cost effective of prospecting for new patients?

If so, then you'll want to leverage the power of our D2P Voicemail Messages.

What exactly are D2P Voicemail Messages?

D2P Voicemail Messages are "Dentist to Patient" voice messages that are broadcast to targeted segments of your patient or prospecting list without ever ringing their phone. That’s right! You don’t call them, you just leave a message each and every time perfectly as you intended without interrupting anyone.

And what's super impressive is that there is a 96% chance your message will be heard. Talk about captive marketing... 

Since they completely bypass the patient's cellphone and lands straight in their voicemail inbox, these messages are 100% non-intrusive and follow any and all Can-Spam, FCC, CRTC and TCPA guidelines. Because of this, we also refer to them as "Direct to Patient" voicemail messages.

We strongly recommend keeping messages between 30 to 60 seconds to keep them simple and to the point in order to keep the customer engaged. 

What's the benefits of D2P Voicemail Messages?

  • Eaily Follow up with patients who have potentially fallen by the wayside
  • Avoid interrupting recipients
  • Every message appears to be "real"
  • Recipients are never billed for the messages
  • Your messages is always heard as it is intended
  • You'll get a 100% deliverability rate with an average 96% listen rate
  • There is no spam folder for your messages to end up in

How would I use D2P Voicemail Messages?

There are a number of different ways to utilize D2P voicemail messages depending on what your practice's primary goals are. We will guide you as to which methods will work best to suit your needs as well help you to craft your message for maximum effectiveness.

Below are just a few ideas on how our ringless voicemail messages could work for your dental office.

Increase Booked Appointments

Book more appointments - Inform customers of special offers like oil change or tire sales or seasonal deals like spring tune-ups or winterization.

Reclaim lost patients - Entice patients who have disappeared into the ether to come back for an extra special deal they can't refuse.

Similar to direct mail, we can also do "blanket" campaigns to drive in potential patients who have never before visited your office.

This is less expensive and more effective than direct mail campaigns.

These campaigns will target the following criteria:

  • Zip codes in your area
  • Age
  • Estimated income range
  • Homeowner status
  • Estimated property value

Get More Referrals / Reviews

Get more referrals - Thank new patients and let them know you appreciate them. Slip in a referral request if they know others needing a new dentist.

Get more reviews - Follow up with patients after they've been in your office and ask them for their honest feedback.