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Patient Reactivation

How Much Is Your "Lost Patient" Database Worth To You?

Discover The Patient Reactivation System That Will Uncover Hidden Revenue In Your Practice

If your practice is anything like more dental practices that have been around for any length of time, you've probably got a fair size list of patients who magically disappeared into the ether, never to be seen again. Sure some of them have moved away (or worse) but what about all those ones that still leave in your city?

What if you could get them back into your office and have them reconnect with your staff? What would that mean for your bottom line? There is a goldmine hidden in plain site... but how do you get them back in?

Our proven process works to bring "dead" patients back to life while adding revenue to your practice. And even better, what if we got some of them to bring in a friend or family member? We have ways of doing that too!

Enter your info below to see how much revenue is sitting dormant waiting for you to collect it. Feel free to play with the numbers in fields #2 and #3 to see how much potential this system has.

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