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What We Do (Sharon)

Whether you have one dental office or many, we can put systems in place to raise the level of awareness of your brand in multiple social and search arenas while positioning you are the dental authority in your local area. Our dental marketing systems will help you to attract more patients, reduce the number of no-shows and increase patient retention while making a measurable positive impact on your bottom line.

We offer comprehensive online marketing services to increase your online presence, generate better conversions and establish long-term engagement for your dental practice.

Our services fall into 3 main categories. 
1) Ones that help you attract more patients.
2) Ones that help you reactivate "lost" ones.
3) Ones that will get patients to come back more often.

Patient Acquisition Systems

Patient Reactivation Systems

5 Star Reputation Systems

Local Search Positioning

Smart Dentist's Newsletter

Social Waiting Room Wi-Fi

Pay Per Click Campaigns

Social Posting


Patient Acquisition Systems - $1,500 per month plus ad spend

Patient Reactivation Systems - $2,000

5 Star Reputation Systems - $300 per month

Social Posting - $99 per month

Smart Dentist's Newsletter - $99 per month

Pay Per Click Campaigns - $1,500 per month plus ad spend

Social Waiting Room WiFi - $99 per month

Local Search Positioning -  $750 per month